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Venetian Macao

Venetian-Parallel Project
The investment of this hotel is about 20 billion yuan, total construction area is nearly 100 square meters. The hotel has 3,000 luxurious rooms and extensive leisure facilities, and known as Asia’s best integrated resort.

The project totally purchased (80) BAC Series 3000 cooling towers, which is by far the BAC’s largest open cooling tower project in the world.


BAC Solutions

The hotel highly requests for low sound operation, especially in some area. According to the site conditions, BAC recommends the following solutions after repeated verification:


1. Upgraded Solution for Low Sound Operation

Considering the strict requirement for low sound operation, we recommend using BAC Whisper Quiet Fan, which could low the sound operation level to 55 dBA at the distance of 20 meters. If choosing regular solution, customer needs a variety of methods to meet the requirement of the sound level.


2. Optimized the Layout of the Cooling Tower

- Use four cells in parallel, keep the balance for water level automatically, and save the space

- Bottom inlet & outlet, save the space of the pipe, and also with good appearance


3. Enhanced Operation Reliability

- CTI Certified 100% Thermal Performance

- Factory Mutual (FM) Approval, eliminating the fire hazard

- Electronic Water Level Control (EWLC) enhance the reliability空白行

4. Easier to Maintenance

- Standard internal walkway, make it easier to do the maintenance

- Various options for maintenance, such as internal service platform, ladders and safety cage, etc

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